About Us

Lafayette Avionics, Inc.  is a family owned business run by Joshua D. Wright (Son) and Ronald M. Wright (Father).  It is an FAA Certified Repair Station #KH2R952K with Class I, II, III, limited instrument, and limited airframe ratings.  Lafayette Avionics, Inc. is a member of the Aircraft Electronics Association and has an FAA Approved Aeromedical Consortium drug and alcohol testing program.

What drives them
A passion for General Aviation, electonics, and owning/running a small business.  Honesty and quality are their top priorities.

The People
Josh and Ron are both FAA licensed private pilots, hold FCC Licenses, and FAA Repairman Certificates.  Ron is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineering.  Starting out as a radar technician in the US Air Force, Ron has over fifty eight years of experience installing and repairing all types of avionics equipment.  Josh has more than twenty years of experience starting out as an apprentice under Ron.  Josh holds an Associate's Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology from Ivy Tech.  Josh is NCATT Aircraft Electronics Technician certified with Radio Communication Systems and Dependent Navigation Systems endorsements. Josh is also an FAA Certified Airframe Mechanic.  This gives them the expertise to advise you with your avionics needs.  They work with certified and experimental aircraft.

The Company
This repair station was started back in the 1950s by Robert Walgreen, then called P&H Electronics.  Mike Keaty then purchased it, calling it Avionics Unlimited.  Ron purchased the shop in the 1982, calling it Lafayette Avionics, Inc.  It holds dealerships for most major avionics manufacturers including:  Garmin, Aspen, S-TEC or Genesys Aerosystems, Avidyne, Bendix/King, ACK, Century Flight Systems, PS Engineering, Narco, L-3 Communications, Sandel, NavWorx, Appareo, Electronics International, JP Instruments, Insight and  others.  Josh and Ron can answer your questions, technical and otherwise, about any of these brands and assist you in selecting the avionics package that is right for you.  They honor all factory warranties, as well as, guarantee their installation work for as long as you own your aircraft.

Experience, honesty, commitment to excellence, and competitive pricing combine to assure you the best possible service at the best possible price.

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